Does Your Business Have  an Optimized Mobile Website?

Is your website meeting the needs of the mobile users? Or even worse, are they even able to view it.

Over 93% of websites are not optimized for the mobile user.

The needs of the mobile user are completely different than those browsing a traditional site on a desktop or laptop computer.

To provide an experience your visitors will enjoy and turn browser into buyers your approach and design must meet their needs.

Why is a Mobile Website So Important?

Mobile users are 16 times more likely to buy from you and are 9 times more profitable. Make sure you give the mobile user exactly what they are looking for. Make it easy for them to buy from you.

This is even more important for local businesses, consider the following:

Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year, according to Google, for many items one in seven searches are now mobile.

• 1 in 3 mobile searches are local. After looking up a local business on their smartphone, 61 percent of users called the business and 59 percent visited.

• 79 percent of smartphone users use their smartphones to help with shopping

• 71 percent of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ad, do a mobile search for more information, but 79 percent of large online advertisers still do not have a mobile optimized site.

Percentage of searches that are via a mobile device
Category Proportion of searches
that are mobile
Restaurants 29.6%
Automotive 16.8%
Consumer electronics 15.5%
Finance and insurance 15.4%;
Beauty and personal 14.9%
Source: Internal Google Data (February 2011) via: mobiThinking


And if you are still not convinced you need to closely examine your internet strategy regarding mobile consider these two points. First, Google actually has two different search databases, with one being exclusive for mobile users and their search needs. Secondly, Google is actually penalizing websites that aren’t mobile optimized.

Is your business ready for the mobilization of marketing?